Our Mission:

Prevent. Treat. Educate. 

With the right information, and the right access to HIV prevention tools like Condoms, Chemoprophylaxis (antiretroviral pills used to prevent infection), Rapid Assays (over the counter HIV tests), Serosorting (knowing your status and your partners) and more it is completely plausible to mount an organized effort to reduce HIV transmissions enough for the spread of the virus.


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Are you at risk?


Read---->     page 25 of the CDC guidlines.  

  1. Ask your partner to take an HIV EXAM  


    1. (This exam is $52 at CVS)


    1. No money/no car?  We’ll help - just call.  


  1. If your partners tests POZ or refuses to take an exam - in your presence - then begin PEP




  1. Sooner the better.  


  1. Get a prescription (from your DR or Emergency Room)


  1. Problems w/ your ER doc?  Call us - we’ll talk to them


  1. Take your prescription to the nearest Walgreens


  1. No money?  (fill out this voucher for free meds)